Service Offerings      

At Wealth Management Group, we recognize that no two households are alike in needs, goals, or dreams. This is why we work so hard to understand your values and priorities. We then carefully design a plan that takes into account both your current lifestyle and future goals. But what does this mean? How do we help you write your story?

• We help you articulate, clarify, and align your financial choices with your quality of life.

• After evaluating your life priorities and your financial outlook, we help you connect the two, and work with you to identify areas of greatest priority and opportunity.

• We provide you with sound, clear, honest advice and education along with our signature personal touch.

• Most importantly, we welcome each and every one of our clients into the Wealth Management Group family!  

Initial Discovery Meeting (complimentary)
As our potential client, we first listen to your individual needs and personal story. We explain what we mean by "Personal Wealth," and review typical "big" financial missteps we have seen people in similar circumstances make. We also discuss our unique approach to financial planning, explore your concerns and/or issues, and outline the three levels of advice we offer. Together, we'll determine which one is right for your situation.

WMG 1.0 - Basic Service
This is designed for single-issue guidance – for truly stand-alone issues or specific areas of concern with which you would like our assistance. After thoroughly reviewing any related information you provide us, we'll make appropriate recommendations, and offer guidance towards their implementation. It is important to note that with this focused approach, other facets of your financial life may not be taken into consideration.

WMG 2.0 - Personal Wealth Planning
This Personal Wealth program is designed to be the foundation of a promising financial future. It's typically the first step we take with our clients. Here, our primary goal is to align your overall financial life with your own personal story. Following our Discovery meeting, and based on the financial information you provide, we analyze your current financial situation with respect to our unique planning process. We then develop a personalized set of action steps with your level of risk-tolerance in mind. Together we will discuss this plan, dynamically making adjustments based on your feedback and finalize a list of priorities. 

Once you are completely satisfied with your plan, we work closely with you to help implement it. We educate you about various options for each relevant topic before recommending specific product choices and actions. As the plan becomes reality, we enter the monitoring phase; we review results, periodically recommending adjustments based on the inevitable realities of life changes you experience as your story unfolds.

WMG 3.0 - Advanced Business Wealth Planning
We recommend this approach to financial planning for those clients desiring an inclusive Business Wealth Planning analysis. This is the highest level of planning and advice we offer, geared especially for those High-Net Worth Families preparing to enter retirement and leave a significant legacy. At this service level, we examine your financial life as it is today and then perform an in-depth analysis showing the possible outcomes of various paths your story could take. Rigorous modeling is involved, the results of which enable us to confidently advise you on such topics as (but not limited to):

• Multi-Generational family wealth & legacy planning

• How to exit a closely held family or small business 

• Creating internal continuity & succession 

Charitable gift planning

• Positioning assets for maximum income & estate tax efficiency